Manage Your Business with Intention

February 10, 2020

Each New Year many people around the country think about what they resolve to do more of, better, or different to achieve their goals over the next 12 months.  Of course for just as many people those resolutions can fall flat pretty quickly.  A resolution feels like it’s a pass / fail course; there are only 2 options, so the outcome is either all good or all bad.  However, in recent years there has been a gradual shift in preference towards setting intentions rather than resolutions. Setting intentions allows for the focus to be not only be on the goal but also on the journey itself, looking at goal achievement on a continuum.  If you end up closer to your goal than when you started you can still consider your work and effort to be a success.

In thinking about how you can take your business to the next level, try thinking about it with the same mindset; that making strides towards increasing your profitability or containing costs is successful even if you desire more.  Some things – like going into business all together – are the ultimate high risk/high reward decision.  But not all decisions have to carry such weight to them.  Making an incremental change that puts you on the path towards your goal can feel so much more manageable in certain phases of your business.

If you have set a goal or an intention to create efficiencies in your back office or are looking for alternatives for cost containment then taking the time to consider a PEO might be the first incremental step towards meeting that goal.  Knowing IF a PEO is a fit and which one to be exact is something PairPEO can help with for free in 1 meeting.  As you go about setting goals and intentions for your business this year, allow us to partner with you to determine if we can help support you in achieving some of those goals throughout 2020.

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