Bringing transparency to the PEO industry.

Pair PEO is a free service that sifts through the mountains of marketing fluff in order to bring transparency to complex pricing models in the PEO industry. We make it easy for your business to partner with the best PEO for your workforce.

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Industry Experience

With 10 years of deep PEO experience, we are a partner to help your company navigate effective solutions across a complicated but opportunity-filled industry.

On Your Side

In negotiating contracts with PEO’s, PairPEO sits on our clients’ side of the table to help determine the best PEO fit, assess rates, and explain the advantages of each.


Our relationships with the PEO industry give our clients the unique advantage of identifying the wrong providers early in the process to significantly reduce time needed for evaluation. If we recommend their presence in the room, it is for a well-defined reason for your situation.

Why Pair PEO?

Picking the right PEO partner for your business is like picking a spouse. With over 700 PEOs in the industry, how are you expected to know which one is right for your company?

Our Process

Introductory Call

This is a 30-minute conversation to determine specific criteria that will be used when evaluating which PEO may best suit your needs. We examine your current human resources situation, your business needs, and your objectives.

Data Collection

We analyze pertinent data identified during the introductory call to evaluate pricing across the appropriate PEO spectrum. Key factors include necessary healthcare quality, level of service, affordability, and geographic presence.

Preliminary Pricing

We standardize the total cost of partnership for each PEO so that we can quickly identify outliers to remove from the evaluation process. This allows us to create a short list of PEOs which best fit your requirements.

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